7.5 - Lesson 7 Summary

7.5 - Lesson 7 Summary


Upon successful completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe the standard normal distribution
  • Determine the area under a normal distribution using Minitab
  • Determine the points that offset a given proportion of a normal distribution using Minitab
  • Summarize the Central Limit Theorem
  • Conduct a hypothesis test using a standardized test statistic
  • Construct a confidence interval using the standard form

In this lesson we learned how to find the proportion under a normal distribution. We used the standard normal distribution to approximate the sampling distribution to find p value and to construct confidence intervals. In the next few lessons we will learn about the t distribution, which is similar to the standard normal distribution, and we'll focus more on how Minitab can be used to construct confidence intervals and conduct hypothesis tests using these common distributions. 

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