Guidelines for Scanning Documents

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The first thing you should do: Check your instructor's submission requirements!

Once you have the file, it is good practice to ensure that the file is:

  • within reasonable file size limits
  • clearly readable, and
  • complete and contained in one file.

Guidelines for Reasonable Scans

FILE SIZES: Your file sizes should meet the following guidelines:

  • Quizzes (2 - 4 scanned pages) - should be less that 1 MB.
  • Homework (4 - 6 scanned pages) - should be less than 1.5 MB
  • Exams (7-8 scanned pages) - should be less than 2 MB

CLARITY:  If it can't be read, it can't be graded!  Lighting makes a difference. Good handwriting makes a difference! Click on the following sample links below to compare with the files that you plan to upload:

  • Unsatisfactory - can't read it because it is blurry, poor contrast, poor handwriting.
  • Unsatisfactory - can be read but if all ssignments were like this it would give me a headache! Be legible! Make sure your scans have good contrast!
  • Much Better - well done, easy to read.

ONE FILE:  Submitting several files for a single assignment can be confusing for instructors and for you when it comes to grading and feedback.

  • Merge all of your files into one file.  Either insert smaller images into a Word document (see above), or merge all of your separate pages into one .pdf file (see below).
  • Make sure that all pages are portrait rather than landscape oriented and that none of your pages are upside down!
  • Make sure all the pages scanned properly so that nothing is missing! You should also make sure that ALL of the pages that you submit include your name. Usually the header or footer is a good place!
  • If you are going to be submitting your file to Canvas, you will want to find the appropriately labeled Canvas assignment or quiz for your assignment and follow the steps in Canvas to submit your work. If your instructor has provided instructions, be sure to follow those instructions.  Contact your instructor if it is unclear where your assignment should be sent.

Merging PDF Files

If the file that you have scanned is still very large you can try compressing it.

Try the Compress PDF tool hosted at Smallpdf .

If you scanned multiple pages of work and ended up with more than one PDF file, there is a free online tool available to merge these files together. The tool is easy to use and has simple instructions available on its site.

Try the Merge PDF tool hosted at Smallpdf .

Once you have your new file you can follow the information above for submitting to Canvas or instructions that were provided by your instructor!