Lesson 10: Multivariate Data

Overview Section

So far we've worked with two variables at a time, but often we have more - sometimes many more. Here we'll introduce several useful tools for working with multivariate data, using Chapter 10 of EssentialR. Note that this is a very brief overview, and that we won't discuss many multivariate tools such as PCA, ordination, and others.


Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Make 3-way frequency tables
  • Make pairs plots using the function pairs()
  • Use lattice graphics to make plots conditioned on a third variable
  • Carry out Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
  • Carry out heirarchical clustering and k-means clustering

Data and R Code Files Section

The R code file and data files for this lesson can be found on the Essential R - Notes on learning R page.