1.1 - Introduction to the Course

This course covers sampling design and analysis methods useful for research and management in many fields. A well-designed sampling procedure ensures that we can summarize and analyze the data with a minimum of assumptions or complications. In this course, we'll cover the basic methods of sampling and estimation and then explore selected topics and recent developments including:

  • simple random sampling with associated estimation and confidence interval methods,
  • selecting sample sizes,
  • estimating proportions,
  • unequal probability sampling,
  • ratio and regression estimation,
  • stratified sampling,
  • cluster and systematic sampling,
  • multistage designs,
  • doubles sampling.

One important point to consider as we move forward is that for different sampling designs the estimation procedure will depend on the sample design. Being able to identify what to use under different sampling designs is one of the things that you will learn in this course.