1.2 - History of Epidemiology

1.2 - History of Epidemiology

Selected History of Epidemiology and Population Health

Follow the links in the list below, and explore selected events in the history of epidemiology and population health.


  • 1849-54John Snow formed and tested the hypothesis on the origin of cholera in London - one of the first studies in analytic epidemiology



  • 2000s → Genetic and molecular epidemiology; health disparities; racialism; HIPAA in the USA; West Nile Virus;
  • 2002 → bioterrorism; anthrax and smallpox threat and vaccinations
  • 2003 → SARS, quarantines and public health law; and worldwide epidemiology; BSE in Canada
  • 2004 → SARS recurrence; BSE in the USA; the flu epidemic
  • 2009 → 2010 H1N1 pandemic
  • 2020 → COVID-19 pandemic


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