P-STAT Accreditation

P-STAT Accreditation

The practice of Statistics is a job for skilled professionals. Accredited statisticians have been recognized by their peers as combining education, experience, competence, and commitment to ethics at a level that labels them as professionals. Accreditation provides a measure of assurance to employers, contractors and collaborators of statisticians, and a mark of accomplishment to society at large.

The ASA's accreditation program is modeled after programs in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Accreditation is a portfolio-based rather than an examination-based credential and is renewable every five years. Accreditation is also voluntary; applicants seek accreditation because they believe the credential is worthwhile to them, but it is not a requirement for practice.

Accreditation applicants will submit materials to be reviewed by members of the ASA Accreditation Committee, peers who will evaluate submissions based on the ASA's Guidelines for Accreditation. Those who meet these guidelines will be awarded the designation "accredited professional statistician."

ASA accreditation is a voluntary credential offered to ASA members that provides peer recognition for all of the following:

  • Having advanced statistical training and knowledge
  • Having experience in applying statistical expertise competently
  • Maintaining appropriate professional development
  • Agreeing to abide by ethical standards of practice
  • Being able to communicate effectively

There is a fee to apply for and an annual fee to maintain accreditation.

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