0.3 - Special Course Materials

Throughout the lesson pages, you will occasionally see links to special materials. The purpose of the special materials is to display examples, "walk you through" something, or provide you with an additional explanation of the concepts covered in the lesson.

SAS Code

Throughout the course, you will encounter SAS code similar to the example below. By hovering over the icons In the upper right-hand corner you will have the option of copying () the data to your clipboard or downloading () to your computer.

Go ahead — give it a try!

DATA temp1;
  input subj 1-4 gender 6 height 8-9 weight 11-13;
1024 1 65 125
1167 1 68 140
1168 2 68 190
1201 2 72 190
1302 1 63 115

PROC PRINT data=temp1;
  title 'Output dataset: TEMP1';


Relevant datasets are occasionally linked within a lesson so that you can use them in an external SAS program. Data sets that are stored as text files have a ".txt" or ".dat" extension, while SAS data sets have a ".sas7bdat" extension. We'll mostly just want to save the data sets to a specific location on our computers so that we can use them within the SAS application.

Pop up screen after clicking on a data file

If you want to download and save the data set to a specific location on your computer, click the link, and a dialog box will appear and allow you to save the text file to the location you choose on your computer.