Scholarship and Research Integrity

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At Penn State University research integrity is a critical ingredient in any research program. The Schloarship and Research Integrity (SARI) program was launched in fall 2009 to provide graduate students with opportunities to identify, examine, and discuss ethical issues relevant to their disciplines. This program was expanded in 2011 to include faculty, postdoctoral fellows as well as undergraduate students - essentially all individuals that are involved in research that takes place at Penn State.

The SARI @PSU program is composed of two parts: an online course, and an interactive, discussion-based component; and encompasses content that is both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific. The online portion (Part 1), offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), provides a common language and understanding of the history and principles of the responsible conduct of research. The discussion-based component (Part 2) provides an opportunity for in-depth exploration of important issues unique to each field of study.