Creating Videos

Creating Videos with Zoom Section

Recording a Presentation

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To begin recording:

Once your meeting has started, at any time you can record your voice and what is taking place on your screen. Simply click on the Record button in the control bar on the meeting screen.

To stop recording:

When you are finished, click on one of the two Stop Recording buttons at the top of the meeting window or in the control bar.

Saving and Sharing Your Recording

When your presentation is over and you have stopped your recording, you must first end the meeting. To do this click on the Stop Share button. Then select the End Meeting For All option. This will close out the meeting.

With our Kaltura - Zoom integration all of your recorded Zoom sessions will automatically upload to Kaltura. Once the video is in Kaltura, you can upload it to any page in Canvas using the MyMedia Canvas integration.

Creating Videos with Kaltura Section

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Penn State uses Kaltura for its online video management. Both faculty and staff have video-creating, editing, and storage capability with Kaltura. Any recorded Zoom meetings will automatically upload to Kaltura.

Kaltura within Canvas

With the Kaltura integration in Canvas, you can create videos anywhere you see the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

Click on the Kaltura icon in the editor to add your media.

 Rich content editor in Canvas with the Kaltura icon highlighted


Access the Penn State Media Space to log in to access and start using Kaltura.

View the Penn State Video Tutorials to learn more about using Kaltura.