Take a Screen Capture

In the online environment, being able to capture graphs, images and equations is an important skills for assignments, discussion forums and even troubleshooting issue with your instructor to the help desk.

Most new operating systems come equipped with some sore of screen capture tool. Here are the basic ones.


Using Keyboard

  • PrtScn: Another option is to use the print screen ("PrtScn") function which will copy your entire screen, then paste it into Word and crop down to only the necessary part of the screen.
  • SHIFT + S: (Windows 10 only)

Using built-in tool

  • Snipping Tool: Computers with Windows Vista and later will have a snipping tool. This will allow you to select a portion of your screen. Then, you can copy it and paste it.


Using Keyboard

  • + shift + 4: This will allow you to select a portion of your screen. By default, this saves your screenshot as a graphic

Using Built-in tool

  • Grab: This tool will allow you to capture, the entire screen or just a selection.

Once you have your image you can then upload it to Canvas or add it to your document.

Uploading an image to a Canvas Forum or Quiz Section

As a student in our online STAT courses, you may have to upload an image to a discussion, quiz, or assignment in Canvas. Canvas provides a way to upload directly from their rich content editor.

View the step-by-step procedures in the Canvas documentation.

How do I embed images from Canvas into the rich content editor as a student?

Working with Images in Documents Section

Cropping a Picture in Word

There are times when you have to crop your screenshot to only show certain parts of the image in your document.

How to Crop an Image in Word (Microsoft Support Site)