O.3 What is a proctored exam?

Proctored Exams Section

Some of our online STAT courses have exams that are proctored. Why a proctor? The proctor's role is to monitor the exam environment to ensure the academic integrity of the exam process on behalf of Penn State and the Department of Statistics. 

Proctoring Process using Honorlock

Honorlock will proctor your exams this semester. Honorlock is an online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home. You DO NOT need to create an account or schedule an appointment in advance. Honorlock is available 24/7, and all that is required is a computer, a working webcam/microphone, your ID, and a stable internet connection.

Honorlock Minimum System Requirements

You will need:

  • Laptop or desktop (tablets and cell phones are not compatible)
  • Windows 10, MacOS 10.13 or higher
  • Chrome OS93 or higher
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Internet Speed 1.5 Mbps. download, 750 Kbps upload
  • Installed the Honorlock Chrome Extension
  • A valid Photo ID (PSU ID, Drivers License or other government issued photo or passport)
    • You may not use military IDs or credit cards.

Taking Your Exam with Honorlock

When you are ready to complete your assessment:

  1. Log into Canvas, go to your course, and click on your exam.
  2. Clicking "Launch Proctoring" will begin the Honorlock authentication process, where you will take a picture of yourself, show your ID, and complete a scan of your room.
  3. Honorlock will be recording your exam session through your webcam, microphone, and recording your screen. Honorlock also has an integrity algorithm that can detect search-engine use, so please do not attempt to search for answers, even if it's on a secondary device.

Honorlock Support

Honorlock support is available 24/7/365. If you encounter any issues, you may contact them through live chat on the support page or within the exam itself.

Guides to Review: