Video Conferencing

Zoom Section

There are times in the online courses where live video conference sessions are held. Tutoring, whole class reviews, faculty virtual office hours, or group meetings are just a few of the use cases for video conferencing. Penn State provides the video conferencing tool Zoom free to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff.

Zoom is an online service that will allow you to hold HD online meetings with others. You can either hold a Video Meeting, which uses your webcam as the focal point, or a Shared Screen Meeting, which allows you to select your desktop, or a single application, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, as the focal point of the meeting.

Zoom also allows you to easily record and share a presentation from within a meeting. Zoom recordings are automatically sent to your Kaltura media page. The recordings can also be played directly from the Zoom cloud recording, complete with auto transcription.

The following resources will get you started!

Getting Started with Zoom