A.4 Self-Assess

Self-Assessment Procedure Section

  1. Review the concepts and methods on the pages in this section of this website.
  2. Download and Complete the STAT 200 Algebra Self-Assessment
  3. Determine your Score by Reviewing the STAT 200 Algebra Self-Assessment: Solutions.

Your score on this self-assessment should be 100%!  If your score is below this you should consider further review of these materials and are strongly encouraged to take MATH 021 or an equivalent course.

If you have struggled with the methods that are presented in the self assessment, you will indeed struggle in the courses above that expect this foundation.

Note: These materials are NOT intended to be a complete treatment of the ideas and methods used in these algebra methods. These materials and the accompanying self-assessment are simply intended as simply an 'early warning signal' for students.  Also, please note that completing the self-assessment successfully does not automatically ensure success in any of the courses that use this foundation.