Syllabus Template

The online and resident courses must adhere to the syllabus policies as outlined by University Faculty Senate policy 43-00.

Click on the following links to see specifics for required and optional topics for your syllabus.

PSU General Syllabus Policies

For the most recent list of required statement view the policy:

Course Information


  • Course Number and Title
  • Semester
  • Instructor: (e.g. name, contact information office hours)
  • Instructor availability & communication (e.g. response times, how to email, Zoom information if applicable)
  • Teaching assistant information (if applicable)
  • Course overview
  • Course goals
  • Course topics
  • Prerequisites (if applicable)



  • Textbooks and other materials for purchase (full citation including ISBN if applicable)
  • Free materials that are required for the course
  • Technology (free or paid) that is required for the course
    • Information on how to download, access or purchase the technology


  • Web materials links (e.g. online notes link, other external sites)

Technical Requirements

Optional (recommended)

  • Technical requirements for online courses on the Dept of Statistics website
  • Examity technical requirements (if applicable)

Student Expectations

Optional (recommended)

  • Participation (what is meant by 'participation' in your course, is it graded?)
  • Weekly cadence (what is the suggested weekly path through the lessons? (e.g. ...Monday: Read lesson notes and book, Tuesday: Start lab...))
  • Student responsibilities (what are they responsible for? reading all announcements? letting you know ahead of time of scheduling issues?)



  • Assessment plan
    • Assignments (what are the major categories? provide general overviews of each category)
    • Exams (how many?, which ones?, general overviews, are they proctored?)
  • Exam proctoring notice



  • Grading scale
  • Assignment category weighting

Optional (recommended)

  • Late and missing submission policy

Additional Policies


  • Disability accommodation statement
  • Counseling and psychological services statement
  • Educational equity/report bias
  • Academic integrity
  • Course copyright
  • Help resources

Optional (recommended)

  • Student responsibilities and conduct
  • Military personnel
  • Netiquette
  • Subject to change statement

Syllabus Template Section

Preview and download the accessible syllabus template in Microsoft Word.