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Mauricio Nascimento is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

Nascimento received his Ph.D. in Statistics from The Pennsylvania State University in 2020, and a bachelor in Statistics from the Federal University of Parana in 2012.

Nascimento studied the spatial relationship between multivariate extremes using a combination of semi-parametric spectral density and Gaussian process. He also proposed a faster approximation for high-dimensional Gaussian cumulative distribution.

Nascimento was an invited speaker at STATMOS Workshop on Climate Extremes in 2016. He joined Penn State as a Asst. Teaching Professor in 2020.

Honors and Awards

2018 Award for Support of Pedagogy in Undergraduate Instruction



Mauricio Nascimento, & Benjamin A. Shaby (2019). Spatial Semi-parametric Spectral Density Estimation for Multivariate Extremes, with Application to Fire Threat Journal of Environmental Statistics, 9(3).