Minitab Express


Minitab Express is a statistical software application that was written specfically for introductory STAT courses.  It is required software for STAT 200 online. It would not be appropriate for use with graduate level statistics courses.

A Quick Introduction to Minitab Express Statistical Software

This introduction to Minitab Express is intended to provide you with enough information to get you started using the basic functionality of Minitab Express. Of course, you will learn more about Minitab Express and its capabilities as you proceed through the course you are taking. 

Obtaining a Copy of Minitab Express

The Minitab Express software is available through a number of vendors as well as at the Minitab Express Website. You can get a license for 6 or 12 months. Minitab Express is available for both the Mac and PC computing environments. Check the Department of Statistics Statistical Software web page for the latest information.

Getting Started with Minitab Express

Here are a couple of videos from Minitab that will familiarize you with the basic components of the application and how they are used in analysis or homework situation.

On a Mac:

On a PC:

Use the 'Help' icons!

As you are using Minitab Express a very helpful feature are the different 'just-in time' access points to Help. For instance, if you have opened a dialog box for a procedure and are not sure which options to choose, select the Help icon in the lower left.

Or, if there is output in the Output window that you don't understand, 'right-click' on the output and select the Help option.

Both of these options will open up windows with information that will help you understand the step that you are involved in.

Support for Minitab Express

For more information and support from Minitab visit: Minitab Express Support