Statistics is the art and science of using sample data to make generalizations about populations. The purpose of STAT 100 is to help you improve your ability to assess statistical information in both everyday life and other University courses. Toward this end, the course has been designed with 11 lessons, including three examinations.

STAT 580 (2 credits) and STAT 581 (1 credit) are two separate courses that are taken one after the other; STAT 580 one semester followed by STAT 581 a subsequent semester. Students enroll in the online courses at the end of their program of study. (Online sections of STAT 580 and STAT 581 are for World Campus Master of Applied Statistics students only).

The overall objectives of STAT 580 / STAT 581 statistical consulting practicum is:

  • to provide statistics students with practical consulting and communication skills, such as how to present results verbally and in a written report, and
  • how to work cooperatively with other researchers.