Faculty Spotlight

  • John Haubrick
    December 2019

    I am an assistant teaching professor with the Penn State Department of Statistics. Along with teaching, I also serve as the instructional designer for the online courses in the department.

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  • Dr. Prabhani Kuruppumullage
    October 2019

    I first arrived at Penn State in 2008 as a Statistics PhD student from Sri Lanka. With nearly 6 years spent as a graduate student, State College became home away from home. I moved to Boston for my postdoctoral training and spent two years in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In 2016, I started working as an Assistant Professor at University of Rhode Island (URI).  

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  • Bryan James
    September 2019

    I live in Central Pennsylvania with my wife and youngest son.  We have 3 children; a daughter and two sons. They are all part of the Penn State family. My daughter is a graduate of Penn College and my oldest son is a junior at main campus. My youngest son will attend PSU in the fall of 2020. 

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  • Dr. Tracey Hammel
    July 2019

    I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Statistics from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Michigan. I am originally from Detroit, MI and currently live in Allentown, PA.

    I received my PhD in Statistics from Penn State in December 2010. I have worked for Penn State since 2004 and taught many different courses both on-campus and for World Campus. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and am willing to help students in any way that I can.

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  • Dr. Mosuk Chow
    July 2019

    I am a research professor of Statistics in the Eberly College of Science at Penn State. Originally from Hong Kong, I came to the United States to pursue graduate study after getting my BS degree in Mathematics. I earned my Ph.D. in Statistics from Cornell University and have taught at the Statistics Department of Penn State University since 1997. My research interests include biostatistics, sampling methods, and statistical decision theory.

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  • Kristen Horn
    May 2019

    My 8th grade social studies teacher always had "Control your destiny" written on the chalkboard Back then I never really understood the meaning of those simple words, but today, I live by them.  I hope to have the same impact on my students.
    I am a Penn State alumni myself. In 2007, I graded with a B.S. in Mathematics and in 2008, I graduated with a Masters in Applied Statistics. I have been teaching online for Penn State World Campus since 2009.

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  • Dr. Iain Pardoe
    April 2019

    Originally from the United Kingdom, I currently live in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, where I teach and write online statistics and mathematics courses. I teach at Penn State, Thompson Rivers University, and Statistics.com. I was formerly an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at the University of Oregon and I obtained my PhD in Statistics at the University of Minnesota where my advisor was Dennis Cook. In my free time, I like to ski, play soccer, do CrossFit, watch movies, and spend time with my family.

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  • Dr. Whitney Zimmerman
    March 2019

    I am the STAT 200 online course coordinator and I have been teaching two sections of the course each semester. I joined the Department in 2015, right after I finished my PhD in Educational Psychology.

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  • Dr. Scott Roths
    February 2019

    As first a graduate student studying statistics here at PSU, I was already quite fond of the people and surroundings of Happy Valley and was extremely happy to have the opportunity to remain here as an instructor when I graduated. In my spare time, I enjoy movies, piano, and Frisbee golf (when the weather’s nice).

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  • Dr. Eric Nord
    January 2019

    I am from many places (4 countries and several US states). I currently live in south-central Illinois, but I still think of central PA as home. I have two children, the oldest of whom is beginning to look at colleges (!). I ride bikes as much as I can.

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