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These are links to examples used in this course along with the necessary files or data sets that are required. Use this list to review the concepts and procedures that are covered in this course. Follow the link to the page within the course for more detailed explanations, animated walk-throughs of these examples, and/or additional related files.

The Topic / Procedure Code or Data files Lesson Page
Finding descriptive statistics nutrient.csv
1.4 - Example
Finding generalized variance
1.6 - Example: Women's Nutrition Data
Creating plots of the bivariate normal distribution
4.2 - Example: Bivariate Normal Distribution
Calculating Mahalonobis distances 4.3 - Exponent of Multivariate Normal Distribution
Producing QQ plots 4.4 - Multivariate Normality and Outliers
Producing a covariance matrix for a dataset
4.7 - Example: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Plotting a 95% confidence ellipse corresponding to a specified variance-covariance matrix 4.9 - Special Cases: p = 2
Generate confidence intervals for population means 5.2 - Interval Estimate of Population Mean
Partial correlation 6.2 - Example: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Hotelling's \(T^{2}\) test
7.1.4 - Example: Women’s Nutrition Data and Associated Confidence Intervals
Simultaneous confidence intervals 7.1.4 - Example: Women’s Nutrition Data (Simultaneous Confidence Intervals)
Profile plots 7.1.5 - Profile Plots
Paired Hotelling's \(T^{2}\) test
7.1.9 - Example: Spouse Data
Simultaneous Bonferroni Confidence intervals 7.1.10 - Confidence Intervals
Paired Hotelling's \(T^{2}\) test: Matching Perceptions 7.1.11 - Question 2: Matching Perceptions
2 Sample Hotelling's \(T^{2}\) test


7.1.15 - The Two-Sample Hotelling's T-Square Test Statistic
Check for Normality
8.4 - Example: Pottery Data - Checking Model Assumptions
MANOVA 8.5 - Example: MANOVA of Pottery Data
Split-Plot Analysis
9.2 - An Example
Repeated Measures 9.4 - Approach 2 - MANOVA
Mixed Model Analysis 9.7 - Approach 3 - Mixed Model Analysis
Test for homogeneity of the variance-covariance matrices using Bartlett's test
10.4 - Example: Insect Data
Bartlett's test to check for homogeneity of the variance-covariance matrices
10.7 - Example: Swiss Bank Notes
Principal component procedures
11.3 - Example: Places Rated
Principal component procedures using the standardized data 11.6 - Example: Places Rated after Standardization
Factor Analysis 12.4 - Example: Places Rated Data - Principal Component Method
Factor Analysis - Maximum Likelihood method 12.8 - Example: Places Rated Data
Canonical Correlation Analysis
13.2 - Example: Sales Data
Cluster Analysis - Complete Linkage
14.5 - Agglomerative Method Example
Cluster Analysis - Ward's Method 14.7 - Ward’s Method
Cluster Analysis - K-Means 14.9 - Defining Initial Clusters