7.5 - Lesson 7 Summary

In this Lesson, we discussed how to compare population parameters from two samples. It is important to recognize which parameters are of interest. Once we identify the parameters, there are different approaches based on what we can assume about the samples.

We compared two population proportions for independent samples by developing the confidence interval and the hypothesis test for the difference between the two population proportions.

Next, we discussed how to compare two population means. The approach for inference is different if the samples are paired or independent. For two independent samples, we presented two cases based on whether or not we can assume the population variances are the same.

Finally, we discussed a test for comparing two sample variances from independent samples using the F-test.

In this Lesson, we considered the cases where the response is either qualitative or quantitative, and the explanatory variable is qualitative (categorical). In the next Lesson, we will present the case where both the response and the explanatory variable are qualitative.