By now, you have hopefully reviewed the course syllabus and course schedule, as well as familiarized yourself with your course — either STAT 414 or STAT 415 — in the course management system, Canvas. There you should have found folders to the General Course Information, Discussion Boards, Homework Solutions, and Assessments.

Now you've landed where you'll find all of the on-line lesson materials for this course. You should start the course by reading, perhaps not surprisingly, the section called Start Here! There, among other important things, you'll find material on scanning your assignments, watching Jing movies, and participating in Adobe Breeze sessions. 

After reading the Start Here! section, you'll want to work your way through the first week's assignments which can be found on the Course Schedule. In general, every week will involve:

  1. A reading in the textbook
  2. A reading of one, two or three online lessons
  3. Preparing your solutions to problems assigned in the textbook
  4. Taking and submitting an assessment that will come either in the form of a short quiz or a long exam

Many students find STAT 414 and STAT 415 tough going. At the very least, as the above list suggests, they are courses that involve completing a lot of work each week. For that reason, you'll definitely want to stay on top of things until you find a work schedule that works best for you. One possibility is to complete the readings and homework assignments early in the week, so that you have sufficient time to ask questions and prepare for the assessments. Note that the homework assignments are meant to be a large part of the learning experience. We do expect that you will ask questions about the homework if you are not quite grasping the material.  The assessments (quizzes and exams), on the other hand, are meant to evaluate your understanding of each week's material, and are therefore expected to be completed independently.

The last part of our welcome involves pleading with you to stay involved, ask questions if something is not clear, and don't hesitate to provide feedback on the course materials as we work through them.  We are really looking forward to getting to know you and to work closely with you throughout the semester.

Warm regards,

Your Instructors!