- Minitab Express: Simple Random Sampling

Using simple random sampling methods, each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. We can use statistical software to select a simple random sample.

In the example below, we will use Minitab Express to randomly select 10 names from a class list.

MinitabExpress  – Random Sampling from a Column

Open the following data set:

and randomly select 10 using Minitab Express by:

  1. On a PC or Mac select DATA > Sample from Columns
  2. Double-click on the variable Name in the box to the left to insert it into the "Take a sample from the following columns" box.
  3. In the box labeled "Number of rows in each sample", enter 10.
  4. By default, leave the method as "Sample without replacement". 
  5. Click OK.

The result should be the following output:

Source data column Name
Number of rows sampled 10
Method Without replacement
Output Summary
Sampled data column C2
10 rows were sampled from Name and stored in C2.

Along with a random sample of the names in the second column in the data worksheet:

Sample Data
  C1 C2
  Name Sample From Name
1 Beckman Qi
2 Beeson Song
3 Boone Walia
4 Botero Gruver
5 Brooks Corey
6 Brown Cingolani
7 Campbell Farooq
8 Cao Yan
9 Chen O'Donnell
10 Chen Wang
11 Chung  
12 Cingolani  

Since we are using simple random sampling procedures, the results will be different each time due to random sampling variation. Try these steps a few times, you should see that you get a different set of 10 names each time.

Video Walkthrough

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