- Minitab Express: Clustered Bar Chart

We are going to use the the Class Survey data set in this example again:

MinitabExpress  – Clustered Bar Chart

To create a clustered bar chart in Minitab Express:

  1. Open the data set:
  2. On a PC or Mac: Select Graphs > Bar Chart 
  3. In this example we have a datafile with the responses from each case so for Bars represent select Counts of unique values in a categorical variable
  4. Select Clustered
  5. Double click the variables Biological sex and Smoke Cigarettes in the box on the left to insert the variable into the Categorical variables box
  6. Click OK

This should result in the clustered bar chart below:

Minitab Express Clustered Bar Chart of Biological Sex and Smoking

Video Walkthrough

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Note: The order in which the variables are entered into the Categorical variables box in Minitab Express determines how the bars will be clustered. For example, if we entered Smoke Cigarettes and then Gender, the result would be the following clustered bar chart:

Minitab Express Clustered Bar Chart of Smoking and Biological Sex