12.3.3 - Minitab Express - Simple Linear Regression

MinitabExpress  – Obtaining Simple Linear Regression Output

We previously created a scatterplot of quiz averages and final exam scores and observed a linear relationship. Here, we will use quiz scores to predict final exam scores.

  1. Open the data set:
  2. On a PC or Mac: Select STATISTICS > Regression > Simple Regression
  3. Double click Final in the box on the left to insert it into the Response (Y) box on the right
  4. Double click Quiz_Average in the box on the left to insert it into the Predictor (X) box on the right
  5. Under the Graphs tab, click the box for Residual plots
  6. Click OK

This should result in the following output:

Simple Regression: Final versus Quiz_Average
Analysis of Variance
Source DF Adj SS Adj MS F-Value P-Value
Regression 1 2663.66 2663.66 28.24 <0.0001
Error 48 4527.06 94.31    
Total 49 7190.72      
Model Summary
S R-sq R-sq(adj)
9.71152 37.04% 35.73%
Term Coef SE Coef T-Value P-Value
Constant 12.12 11.94 1.01 0.3153
Quiz_Average 0.7513 0.1414 5.31 <0.0001
Regression Equation
Final = 12.12 + 0.7513 Quiz_Average
Fits and Diagnostics for Unusual Observations
Obs Final Fit Resid Std Resid  
11 49 70.4975 -21.4975 -2.25 R
40 80 61.2158 18.7842 2.03 R
47 37 59.5050 -22.5050 -2.46 R

R Large residual

Fitted Line Plot for Linear Model

Versus Fits (response is Final)

Versus Order (response is Final)

Normal Probability Plot (response is Final)

Histogram (response is Final)

Video Walkthrough

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