- Minitab: Hypothesis Tests for One Proportion

A hypothesis test for one proportion can be conducted in Minitab. This can be done using raw data or summarized data.

  • If you have a data file with every individual's observation, then you have raw data.
  • If you do not have each individual observation, but rather have the sample size and number of successes in the sample, then you have summarized data.

The next two pages will show you how to use Minitab to conduct this analysis using either raw data or summarized data.

Note that the default method for constructing the sampling distribution in Minitab is to use the exact method.  If \(np_0 \geq 10\) and \(n(1-p_0) \geq 10\) then you will need to change this to the normal approximation method.  This must be done manually. Minitab will use the method that you select, it will not check assumptions for you!