- Minitab Express: Simple Scatterplot

MinitabExpress  – Simple Scatterplot

The file below contains data concerning students' quiz averages and final exam scores. We want to know if quiz averages can be used to predict final exam scores. Let's construct a scatterplot given that quiz averages are the independent variable and final exam scores are the dependent variable.



  1. Open the data set in Minitab Express
  2. On a PC or Mac: Select Graphs > Scatterplot
  3. Select Simple
  4. Double click the variable Final on the left to move it to the Y variable box on the right
  5. Double click the variable Quiz_Average on the left to move it to the  X variable box on the right
  6. Click OK

Scatterplot constructed using Minitab Express. Quiz average is on the X axis and final is on the Y axis.

Video Walkthrough

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