5.5.3 - Difference in Means Example: Exercise by Biological Sex

Do males and females differ in terms of how many hours per week they exercise? This example uses a dataset that is built in to StatKey.

Step 1: Hours exercised per week is a quantitative variable and we are comparing two independent groups. We should conduct a hypothesis test for the differences in means.

\(H_0: \mu_m = \mu_f\)

\(H_a: \mu_m \ne \mu_f\)

Step 2: We constructed the randomization distribution given that there is not a difference between the means of males and females.

Step 3: \(p = 0.114+0.114=0.228\)

Step 4: \(p>0.05\), we should fail to reject the null hypothesis

Step 5: There is not enough evidence that the mean number of hours per week exercised by males and females is different in the population. Our results are not statistically significant.