- Minitab Express: Two-Way Table

This dataset consists of STAT 200 students' responses to survey. We can construct a two-way table showing the relationship between Smoke Cigarettes (row variable) and Biological Sex (column variable) using Minitab Express.

MinitabExpress  – Two-Way Table

To create a two-way table in Minitab Express:

  1. Open the data set: 
  2. On a PC: Select STATISTICS > Cross Tabulation and Chi-square
    On a Mac: Select Statistics > Tables > Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square
  3. Select Raw data (categorical variable) from the drop down menu
  4. Double click the variable Smoke Cigarettes in the box on the left to insert the variable into the Rows box
  5. Double click the variable Biological Sex in the box on the left to insert the variable into the Columns box
  6. Click OK

This should result in the two-way table below:

Tabulated Statistics: Smoke Cigarettes, Biological Sex
Rows: Smokes Cigarettes | Columns: Biological Sex
  Female Male All
No 120 89 209
Yes 7 10 17
All 127 99 226
Cell Contents: Count
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