- Minitab: Frequency Tables

Minitab 18

Minitab®  – Frequency Table

This example will use data collected from a sample of STAT 200 students. These data can be downloaded using:


To create a frequency table of the primary campus variable in Minitab:

  1. Open the data file in Minitab
  2. From the tool bar, select Stat > Tables > Tally Individual Variables
  3. Double click the variable Primary Campus in the box on the left to insert it into the Variable box on the right
  4. Under Statistics, check Counts and Percents
  5. Click OK

This should result in the following frequency table:

Primary Campus Count Percent
Commonwealth Campus 5 1.46
University Park 223 65.01
World Campus 115 33.53
N= 343  
Video Walkthrough