Obtain a sample correlation

minitab logoMinitab Procedure

  1. Select Stat >> Basic statistics >> Correlation ...
  2. Specify the two (or more) variables for which you want the correlation coefficient(s) calculated.
    • Pearson correlation is the default.  An optional Spearman rho method is also available. 
  3. If it isn't already checked, put a check mark in the box labeled Display p-values by clicking once on the box.
  4. Select OK. The output will appear in the session window.


For people of the same age and gender, height is often considered a good predictor of weight. The data set htwtmales.txt contains the heights (ht, in cm) and weights (wt, in kg) of a sample of 14 males between the ages of 19 and 26 years.

  1. What is the sample correlation coefficient between ht and wt?
  2. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the population correlation coefficient between ht and wt is significantly different from 0?

Minitab dialog box

minitab correlation dialog box

Resulting sample Minitab output

minitab output

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