Store Residuals, Leverages, and Influence Measures

Minitab 18

Minitab®  – Procedure

  1. Select Stat >> Regression >> Regression  >> Fit Regression Model ...
  2. Specify the response and the predictor variable(s).
  3. Select Storage... Under Diagnostic Measures, select the type of residuals (and/or influence measures) that you want to be stored. Select OK.
  4. Select OK. The requested residuals (and/or influence measures) will be stored in your worksheet.


The data set adaptive.txt contains the Gesell adaptive scores and ages (in months) of n = 21 children with cyanotic heart disease. Upon regressing the response y = score on the predictor x = age, store the resulting standardized residuals in the worksheet.

Minitab Dialog Boxes

Minitab regression dialog box

Minitab regression dialog box

Minitab Worksheet with a New Column of Stored Residuals

minitab worksheet

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